East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

Infusing Modern China into the
Undergraduate Curriculum

Infusing Korean Studies into the Undergraduate Curriculum

Housing and Logistics

Lodging.  Lodging for the Institute will be provided at the East-West Center’s faculty guesthouse, Lincoln Hall, which is located a short, 5-minute walk from Burns Hall, where most sessions will be held, and a block from the University of Hawaii Hamilton Library.The studio units that are reserved for Institute participants include private bath, telephone, cable TV, internet access, refrigerator, and ceiling fans. None of the units are air-conditioned.

Plans should be made to arrive on July 5, 2020. Participants wanting to arrive early or extend their stay can do so on a space available basis at Lincoln Hall, or off campus.

Meals. There are a number of food courts and food trucks on the UH campus that cater to students and staff. In addition, meal plans are available for Institute participants who want convenience. But there are many restaurants on and near the campus that are accessible to participants on foot or by bus and that offer food from a wide range of cuisines from inexpensive to fine-dining.

Childcare. Although we encourage participants to consider attending the program without family for most of the institute, we know that is not always possible and almost never preferred. Child-care is available in summer activities programs run by the City as well as from private preschools in the range of $700/month. Applications should be made as early as possible following acceptance into the seminar, ideally just after being notified of acceptance into the institute.

Visitor information. Additional logistical information for East-West Center participants, including transportation, health services, shopping and dining, is available at ewcparticipantinfo.org.